What do you get when you support local?

Supporting our community and patients is a big deal here at Advanced Dental Care. That is why we donate to local charities, give to benefits, and support people around the area when they ask for donations. As a small business, we try to use other businesses here in the area too. For our Christmas party this year, our theme is supporting local business. The response of our local businesses has been larger than the ever expected. The experiences for us even better than the items purchased.

When you drive around town have you ever noticed businesses on trash cans, in sports programs, or in your child’s yearbook? Have you noticed the businesses that you routinely see with baskets at benefits that support your friends or family? After serving on Children’s Advocacy Network fundraising committee and going to many of the school fundraisers, it amazes me how much our local businesses give back in donations. The money that you spend at those businesses goes right back into our community. The next time you are out, try taking note of who you see giving back. I am sure that those people would sincerely appreciate you patronizing them so that they are able to continue giving back.

There is something heart-warming about seeing familiar faces when you are out and about. At Advanced Dental Care Jill has been here for 32 years, Lisa for 26, Diane for 20, Debbie for 17, Candy for 13, Janet for 12, and Lori for 11 years! It is good to know that these people will not only be taking care of you today, but will be around to support you for years to come. That relationship becomes one of friends and family and is priceless to replace.

A big part of the holidays is the experience that you had. There are a lot of really kind, dedicated people right here in our community that are happy to help you. We challenge you this holiday season to try shopping local. It’s amazing the gift you will give yourself!



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