Starting the Right Way – Your Child’s First Visit at Advanced Dental Care

curvy-slide-down-to-kids-play-landYour child’s first visit should be a fun, exciting experience, and at Advanced Dental Care we make sure your child’s time with us is positive.

The first visit is a fun experience. After checking in, head downstairs to the children’s play area. There is a slide, secret passage, pin ball machine, and a lot of fun toys. When it’s time to see your dentist, you’ll be seated in a private treatment room, which has a comfortable window seat for parents. This enables you to be a part of your child’s visit, to learn tips to motivate healthy mouths, and for your child to feel at ease that you are with them. We offer noise cancelling headphones, Netflix movies, and nitrous oxide or laughing gas if needed. If treatment is needed, we have dental lasers that enable us to remove decay without anesthetic and we recently added electric hand pieces that have much less noise and vibration. After the visit, there is a prize room complete with balloons.

child-enjoying-slide-at-advanced-dental-careKeeping your child’s teeth healthy. Baby or primary teeth are essential in the health and development of permanent teeth. Baby teeth function to help chew and aid in phonetics and speech. Tooth decay can lead to pain that leads to problems eating, sleeping, playing, and learning. These teeth also function to hold the space for the permanent teeth. When there is a hole caused by a cavity, it can cause decay on the permanent tooth that is developing under the baby tooth. Decay and infection in baby teeth can lead to serious health complications and can be life threatening.

Why visit every six months? Early detection of problems is key. It is much easier, comfortable, and cost effective to fix a little pin point than to fix a cavernous hole.The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association recommend the first dental visit by age 1. There are a lot of things that you can learn and that we can find at your child’s first visit.
The first tooth usually erupts between 6-12 months. When you see the little tooth coming through, you should start brushing or wiping it off at least 2 times per day. Even when my kids would finish their last drink of milk and fall asleep, I would take a clean cloth and wipe off their teeth. Not only does this wipe the sugar from the milk off, but it also gets your baby used to you cleaning his or her teeth.

Our objective is to create healthy mouths in a positive, comfortable setting. We have numerous tips that can foster positive dental experiences not only while you are here at the office, but also when you are motivating your child at home.

Check out the difference that six months made in this tooth:

6-month-difference copy

Before three is free for the first consultation so call today and let us help your child keep smiling!



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