Laser Dentistry

laserAs you know, Advanced Dental Care continually strives to offer safe and effective developments to enhance the quality and results of the dental services we provide.

Dental laser technology has advanced significantly over the last several years. Our dental laser is an excellent example of patient-friendly dental progress. The laser is so versatile, it can be used on soft tissue like gums and on hard tissue like tooth enamel. Lasers deliver energy in the form of light and water. The energy travels at different wavelengths and is absorbed by enamel, decay or gum tissue. We presently are using 3 lasers in our practice. Our patients have been extremely happy with the ease of using the laser.

How does the laser benefit you?

  • Helps you relax and increases your comfort.
  • The laser produces no vibrations and no drilling noise.
  • Anesthetic is generally NOT required. The pulse duration of the laser is so short that the reaction threshold of the nerves is not reached.
  • Patients heal more quickly from laser treatment than from traditional methods, which means less discomfort after procedures.

We look to the future with great excitement as this laser technology in dentistry expands to offer many more procedures to our patients. We appreciate many technical aspects that make the laser safe, effective and efficient, but what really matters is that we can treat you and your family and alleviate old fears about going to the dentist.

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