Patient Denture Information

Patient Denture Information

Patient Denture Information

If the decision has been made for you to proceed with dentures, the fabrication and construction of your dentures will follow certain steps.

  1. Impressions (take molds of your jaws)
  2. Jaw Relations (denture base with wax helps us determine bite level)
  3. Try-in (actual teeth set in wax to check aesthetics & phonics; this stage may take several visits depending on the difficulty of your bite. Any changes which are desired MUST be made now. After delivery of dentures, any changes may incur additional costs.)
  4. Delivery of Dentures
  5. Adjustment Appointment (adjustment appointments are included at No-Charge for up to 30 days. As a general rule, the patient will be seen weekly for 3-4 weeks, after which time additional fees may be incurred).

Immediate dentures are delivered on the same day you have your extractions completed. Immediate dentures will incur additional costs due to change of tissues and jaws during healing process. These can include:

  • Coe-Soft Liners (may be necessary as soon as 2 weeks after surgery).
  • Permanent Reline (dentures sent to lab for reline of denture base; this will take place approximately 6 months after surgery).
  • The worst case scenario may include remake of the dentures if too much change has taken place during healing.
  • Immediate dentures do utilize a certain amount of guesswork as no try-in appointment can be made.

Important Notes

  • Certain individuals do find dentures foreign to them and difficult to use.
  • The remake of your dentures will feel different and sometimes can be more frustrating after years of wearing the same dentures.
  • You will experience bone shrinkage and changes in the fit of your dentures for the rest of your life.
  • In the past, very little could be done for denture wearers. Now implants can be placed, which can combat, not solve, some issues.

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